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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pics of week(s)...Beavers, eclipses, mountains and moose(s)!

Been shooting a bit, just not posting to here goes!

More than one way to sharpen an axe! Steel wool? Pffft. How about a hand held grinder?

October 16th sunset near our home.

The October 19th sunset was even better!

October 20th eagle having breakfast near our house.

Getting a good pic of a beaver hitting the water with it's tale at that exact second is turning out to be a lot tougher than I thought.

October 23rd solar eclipse over one of the lakes in our town.

Playing around using lens flare to capture the eclipse.

October 20th... one of two moose which crossed the Eagle Mountain trail in the BWCAW. I will be posting a complete entry regarding this trip in the near future.

The crown of our year...a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. So many great photos from this trip. Will be making a full post on this as well soon.

Check back often! Lots of material coming.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Because September. One last chase in the ZR2...ode to an old, dependable friend.

Back in the late 90's and early 2000's I had a 1998 ZR2 S-10 I chased in. Lots of memories and a lot of miles in that truck. For the past decade it has been semi retired from normal use. Basically was used to protect the asphalt on the west side of our garage from the sun until we had a teen driver who likes trucks with big tires. My son drives it most of the time but he needed one of our other cars on Saturday the 20th and the wife needed my Equinox to run to Minneapolis. A crashing cold front allowed me to take the ZR2 out one last time. This chase wasn't about the storms as much as it was about driving down some familiar roads and reliving a bunch of memories. The biggest were:

The August 16 2002 "bean puller" in Yellow Medicine county Minnesota.

The June 9 2003 Stuart, NE tornado.

July 14 2003 Lake Crystal / Rapidan, MN tornado aka "big pink"

And of course the June 4 2005 Hiawatha, KS tornado. What a day, what a day.

So with this final chase I bid a fond farewell to the ZR2. You have been a trusted road warrior over the years. May your retirement find you enjoying the perks of a sub woofer and amp, a reduced amount of rust on your fenders, and a bright pink high school parking permit hanging from your rear view mirror. Take care old friend.

Anyhow, click HERE to see the rest of the images from the September 20th chase in western Minnesota.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Chase Season Recap

Pretty much every year when I say "I'm done", we end up with a late September or October event which gets me out one last time. So, lets try it again this time and see what happens. With low temps this week heading into the upper 20's and lower 30's I figured this was a good time so here goes.

Chases with tornadoes: 5 - May 8, May 11, June 18, August 23, August 24.
Chases with tornado warned storms but no tubes: 2 - June 14, June 16
Chases with severe warned storms: 4 - April 27, June 21, July 7, September 3
Chases with storms but no warnings: 4 - May 31, June 11, August 18, August 31

Of the non warmed storm days, 3 were "back yarders" as I like to call them. Not really a chase day per se, but an opportunity to drive with 25 miles of home to see something. Sometimes photogenic. Sometimes not. The dead spell from July 7 to August 23 really cut down on the number of opportunities for cool stuff in my home state but the 5 tornado days will let me head into winter with no regrets.

April 27 near Bethany, MO. Severe warned.

May 8 near St James, MN (1 tornado this day)

May 11 near Sutton, NE (3 tornadoes this day. Sutton, Exeter, Beaver Crossing)

May 31 near Waverly, MN Non-warned "back yarder".

June 11 near Appleton, MN Non-warned chase day

June 14 near Doon, IA Tornado warned but did not produce.

June 16 near Larchwood, IA Tornado warned but did not produce.

June 18 near Alpena, SD (4 tornadoes this day. 2 near Gann Valley, 2 south of Alpena)

June 21 near Selby, SD Severe warned.

July 7 near Blomkest, MN Severe warned.

August 18 near Oak Grove, MN Non-warned "back yarder".

August 23 near Cresbard, SD (2 tornadoes this day. Both near Cresbard)

August 24 near Gilman, MN (1 tornado for sure. I have a bone to pick with the NWS as I can prove there were 2 separate touchdowns and not one continuous path for the 5.8 miles as stated in the PNS)

August 31 near Deer River, MN Non-warned "back yarder". We were visiting family in Deer River for the Labor Day weekend.

September 3 near Montrose, MN Severe warned. We went out again later in the afternoon but did not encounter any severe weather.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 31 2014 North Central Minnesota Mini Supercell

We were visiting relatives in northern Minnesota over the holiday weekend so missed the big show in Iowa but the cold front still gave us a little fun!


Monday, September 1, 2014

August 24th 2014 Benton County Minnesota Tornado

Minnesota was due for something chase worthy again. Luckily for the residents near Gilman, MN this tornado didn't plant hard and stay down.