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Monday, October 24, 2016

July 5 2016 West Central MN Tornado Warned Supercell

A surface low and a warm front.  Fish in a barrel up here.  Right? 

Messy messy messy.   Devyn Drufke and I just missed the brief Appleton MN tornado and from that point on this thing was a wind and hail machine as it never recovered from going outflow dominant on the cycle immediately after.

Devyn getting a few shots of the cell west of Murdock MN

Darted in and out of the "notch" area for a couple of hours.  It looked cool but never looked like a tornado was imminent.   Bailed on it near Lake Lillian MN.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

June 25 2016: Another Underachieving Cold Front

Oh the hype train dang near went off the tracks with this one.  The match analogs went from June 17 2010 tornado outbreak to the July 4 1999 blowdown.   In the end not a heck of a lot happened.  Meh.

These storms looked like CRAP.   Cold and outflowish from the get go.

The highlight of the day for me was on the drive home from the Little Falls area, the constant rain of small tree branches from Foley, MN to Becker, MN on MN25.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

June 22 2016...what do you mean I need to finish the fence?

We had some storm damage to some trees a couple of nights ago of which one damaged a couple of our fences.

I raced to finish the fence repair as towers rapidly formed just to my west with one north of Cokato MN being of extra interest.

No sooner I got into the Nox and started heading towards it the severe warning went on it for hail.  As I came up on the southwest flank south of Waverly, MN, it became a full-fledged supercell.  Quite a few law enforcement and public funnel reports on it but I never saw anything remotely tornadic.   Kept the updraft area in view until it entered the west metro.  And I did get that fence finished.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

June 19 2016 Central Minnesota: Can I get a needle PLEASE???

It wasn't supposed to be that hard this day.  Boundary+moisture+shear+trigger = easy as pie.  Or not.

 Tornado warned cells to the south of us but this tornado warned cell near Paynesville MN would be the saving grace for  the day...maybe.

Ah, the good old fakenado south of Roscoe MN.

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June 12 2016 Where are we running?

I like chase days like this.  A cold front coming in from the west with just enough shear to make it interesting and a storm motion which takes me right back home.

Started out in Wheaton MN

All kinds of crazy storm interactions and mergers as the main line took form.

This momma snapping turtle doesn't need a hail guard!

A few cells would go up in front of the line.  Cool KH waves on the front huh?

End the day less than an hour from home.  Nice

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