Monday, December 19, 2016

July 9 2016 - Eastern ND Chase "The Ice Maker"

See the full chase account HERE

This ended up being one of the most fun chases of the season.  It's not often that Eric Whitehill and I get to chase together anymore so when it became apparent the Devil's Lake ND Basin would be the initiation area for storms this day, I was pretty excited to swing through Fargo and pick him up.

First storm of the day dies out north of Lakota ND

Second storm of the day near Michigan ND.  This had spotter funnel reports but I highly doubt they were accurate as this thing was an outflow machine.  As we sat on US 2, another storm rapidly developed to our south with a definite mesocyclone.

After taking some 2"+ stones on US 2 west of Niagara ND we dropped south as the storm turned hard to the southeast towards Northwood.

Eric and I just made it south in time to avoid the hail core at Northwood.  Nick Elms and Amanda Hill stayed on the west side and came in behind to see what hail fell.  Be sure to check out their chase account with shots of the monster stones they found.

Eventually everything lined out and we called off the chase at Kragnes MN and headed back over the Red River to Fargo.   By far one of the most enjoyable chases of the season.

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