Sunday, February 12, 2017

July 11 2016 Litchfield /Watkins Minnesota Tornadoes

See the full chase account with pics and video clips HERE

Some days everything comes together.  Some days everything comes together in your back yard.

When your target is 30 miles away from your front door, the chase day takes on a different form.  I'm used to driving hours and states away in hopes of getting on the storm of the day.   Today, driving on back roads I am way too familiar with, it was a cross between being at ease and being on edge knowing the communities people I know live in were going to be under a serious risk.

Tornado #1 just grazes the west side of Litchfield MN in Meeker county.  I have to say the locals on the east side of Litchfield who were watching did everything right.  No one was blocking roads, driving crazy, etc.  Had no problem moving north to stay with the storm.

#2. Something I never like to see.  A tornado going through a town I am familiar with.  Watkins MN.

#3.  At least I'll call it number three as this was a little west of track of the Watkins tornado. South of Rockville looking due west.

Thankfully no one was killed or injured by these.  What ended up being the tornado day of the season ended up with about as good of an outcome as you can get.

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