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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stearns Skywarn banquet and an outing this morning

Had a good time up in St. Cloud. Picked up Peggy Willenberg and Brad Nelson and headed up to the Stearns County Skywarn banquet where they put on a presentation about the May 4th Greensburg KS EF5 tornado. It was really good to see Beau/Karen/Meredith as well as the rest of the Stearns crew.

Brad Nelson and Beau Gjerdingen. Two SCSU meteorologists. Either they are talking weather or beer....hmmm?

Karen Miller (who will be on the Twister Sisters series) Peggy Willenberg, and Brad Nelson. I think Peggy is telling Brad his theory on vorticity advection is wrong...or he paid too much for his beer.

OK...on to this morning. Was hoping for the broken mid level stratus to move in but it didn't happen. Waaay past peak for the fall colors up here but was still a pretty morning with the moon still up.


Dewdrop said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was there with Brad, Karen and Beau. I am anxious to see the show.

mnwxchaser said...

I'm still not sure what to think of regarding the show. If you get a chance, go over to Discovery and look at the message board for Storm Chasers. Pretty funny. Casey has really gotten ripped on ST but chasers need to remember the Storm Chasers show was not written for other chasers. One thing the Twister Sisters show has going for it is the series DOES SHOW life besides just the chase. I expect show to do better in the European market than the domestic market regardless.

eyestothesky said...

Hey Bill I got the cd! Thank you again! Great job I felt like i Was right there with u and Cullen. I brought it to work and everybody loved it.
I really would love to make a video of my trip any advice on editing or what product would be good to buy to help edit.
It also made my yearning for the plains allot stronger, it is so beautiful out there.
I'm not to anxious to see me on our show, i was a newbie to the camera and i was so shy when i was out there, but u know I would do it again in a heart beat if given the chance.

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