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Thursday, November 1, 2007

More stuff in the sky

Pretty boring wx pattern in place right now. Still looks like some light snow chances around the middle of next week. No big storm or anything but it is time to see a few flakes of the white stuff floating down from the heavens.

Did go out tonight (with the wrong lens) to take a peek at comet 17/P Holmes. Still not sure what to think of this. How does a comet explode? And why doesn't this thing have a tail on it? Need to spend some time researching the orbit.

Here is another flare from the other night taken from the back yard. Was too lazy to head out of town so got a little more noise than usual. Speaking of flares, make sure you check out Chris Whites' shot of a dual flare from Halloween night HERE.

And one last shot just dinging around with a 15s exposure of the big dipper with a car going past. Ho hum...I really am getting bored.


Dewdrop said...

Great astronomy lesson for me. SDS is tough, huh? ;-) Soon, we'll have the show to keep us occupied at night.

Tony P said...

I've got one up now also:

Tony P said...

Ahh well that didn't work, let's try to Link It instead

mnwxchaser said...

This one was from the 28th. You and Chris did a great job covering the dual flare on the 31st!

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