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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tim/Matt/Zac are half done with King Crab season / More ChaserGate Drama

Looks like Tim, Matt and Zac are getting through season 4 shooting. Been keeping tabs on the maritime weather up there. Been a few rough days with 50kt+ winds and seas over 10 feet. I still think those guys are nuts for making that show but it will be interesting to hear their stories when they get home.

Here is a news story from the Dutch Harbor Fisherman newspaper regarding the season so far.

Hell of a way to make a living. I'll opt for muddy roads and lightning as compared to icy water and being seasick for a month or two.

Tim earlier this year near Arnold KS working on Twister Sisters

In other news, I happened to trip over a blog entry made in 2006 by the ex-wife of one of the so-described "elitist chasers" currently under fire. Ironic as how her rant in 2006 describes exactly what is going on again. Yes, this time the stakes are a lot higher for sure. Check out the October 17th entry. The great Yogi Berra quote applies here.

"This is like deja vu all over again."

An Oklahoma chaser I have always had great respect for sent me an email last night. I know which side of the fence he is on regarding this latest episode of "chaser-gate" (I just made up that term...lol)and I understand where he is coming from. Regardless of how this whole thing plays out and continues to flare up, certain chasers will be under the microscope of the rest of the subculture. As I stated in my response last night:

"Yeah, I'm not sure why no one really wants to talk about it. I think a lot of the younger guys are still intimidated by the "names" and aura which still surrounds them somehow. This will keep flaring up from time to time I'm sure. Was talking with a couple of the other chasers up here today and we all kind of agree the current CFDG members are going to be under the microscope all the time now. Everyone expects what Reed does but I guaran-damn-ty it if one of the CFDG guys so much as pisses into the wind next season and it gets out, it will be big news."

Well, I'm going to waste the rest of my day looking for Bald Eagles by the river.


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How often do you hear from them? I miss those guys!

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