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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Anonymous Cowards"

OK...time to lock down the blog. If you don't have the guts to post comments with an ID or name, you are not welcome here. Good thing IP's are tracked.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read here.


Douglas Kiesling, The Weather Paparazzi said...

You just figured out that you have to lock the blog? I had to do that on my Myspace blog and using the IP tracker ProfileSnitch on it. It was interesting to see some of the people that read it.

mnwxchaser said...

Yep...contrary to some opinions out there, I tend to believe most people have some good in them. But when crap starts up, it is better just to nip it in the bud. Go ahead and label me a hater. I'm not a hater, just ANTI-IDIOT.

Steve Miller said...

I've been considering doing this myself. I have more anonymous comments than not and most of the anonymous ones are non-productive. I leave them open for that random person who wants to leave a comment but think it's time to close mine up too.

I like to have fun with IP addresses as well. I have a couple of little terds who are repeat offenders. I keep thinking it's time to call them out but then I talk myself out of it so I can see what the heck they say next!

I need a hobby.

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