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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another cold morning...the dog is a freak..first day on the hill

-2 this morning. The dog and I shoveled off the little bit of snow from yesterday which didn't blow away after I dropped Cullen off at school. Some dogs chase the vacuum but Buck insists on chasing the snow shovel, the snow which is coming out of the snowblower, the plow, etc. Makes for some interesting contrast on photos though. Doesn't look like tomorrow we will get much in the way of new snow up here which is good as I need a few days to move the 10" or so from the past week around.

Took advantage of a trip to the dentist for the kids to hit the hill at the golf course for the first time this year. This thing is always a trip to the ER waiting to happen. Should see it on a busy day with 20-30 kids...madness.

I used the 55-200 lens to shoot these. The blue color isn't from slow glass. The hill faces to the north and it so steep the sun barely gets above the crest after 2 pm from the south. The simple reason is because of a shadow.

This crash resulted in a 10 minute break after a good blow to the ribs for Cullen. He was fine after a few minutes.

Cailyn gets into this too. She is one tough little girl and can keep up with the boys any day.

End of the day. I'd like to shoot some video one day when it really busy. That would be some good action/drama footage.

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Great to visit, sure as heck wouldn't want to live there...

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