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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thoughts on the first episode of Twister Sisters

It is about what I expected. Drama with chasing thrown in. What I think is very funny , (especially ST's post on ST...great example of what I expected), is how disappointed some people are. Wake up. This was never meant to be a documentary. It's a drama. Some people just don't get that. I heard NGEO is going to be running a series on the the mating ritual of the naked kangaroo rat. Maybe that is more their speed. I dunno. I live in Minnesota. What do I know?

Anyhow, picked up on the dig one of the producers got in on Beau Gjerdingen and Eric Whitehill by referring to them as "the geeks" when referencing the exchange between Brad Nelson and Beau about Brad borrowing an air card. Piss off the producers, pay the price. If this holds true, the final episode could be very interesting. The use of the EBS alert tone to "bleep" out naughty words was hilarious. Cullen almost fell out the chair he was laughing so hard.

The producers did a good job of creating a story. I found it entertaining as they took shots from many different days (and sometimes different years) and cut it all together to make a story. The camera guys obviously had not gotten used to the quick changes from dark background to back lit as several shots were very underexposed or overexposed. A lot of this was from using a fixed white balance I think. It will be interesting to see footage shot later in the series once they got used to it.

Regardless, from an entertainment POV, I like the show. If you are disappointed by the lack of a true documentary, I guess your Tuesday nights from now until January 15th are better spent on other activities.

Hey...at least I made the credits in episode 1...LOL.


DM said...

It wasn't that bad. I watched most of it, but I guess I missed the data card part?!?! No clue what you mean on that.

Eric and Beau are hilarious, I love how they gun it from the TIV. People can bitch all they want about it not being accurate or footage that isn't theirs, someone's always going to complain. I rather see a scripted storm chasing show, than Oprah or whatever other garbage they play on that channel.

And to Peg and Mel if they read this, I forgive you and your crew on May 22nd, when you nearly t-boned us on 3 different occasions (the red minivan with the crew too.)

I also forgive you for doing 10 mph riding your brakes (miles upon miles from the "Colyier" wall cloud) while your crew was up my ass because they weren't behind you. Hilarious you guys were hanging out the sunroof too! Darin says he is sorry for flipping you off also. You can feel his frustrations when you nearly wreck into us, then force us to nearly return the favor.

Same thing on May 4th west of Coldwater, I'd appreciate it if you would be more decisive, because slamming on your brakes, then speeding up, is not safe, that's why I tried to pass you numerous times...to avoid a wreck you would have been at fault for! But of course you gunned it, not allowing us to.

I hope they don't do the drama thing with Greensburg like I heard they did on Hallam, which everyone still talks about. They were in a hotel, if they cared, they would have done anything necessary to get into that town (as we did along with a few others).

But I look forward to seeing Mr. Doms and Cullen!!! As well as Jenn and is the other one named Jen??? And some more Beau and Eric!

Beats primetime TV!!

eyestothesky said...

I liked it. I think they did a good job, but i'm just a simple girl from Florida and have no idea how to film or produce a show so what do I know.
I loved watching Brad and seeing how much he loved being out there.
The sky is so amazing and double rainbow was beautiful. I agree with Dew about how they portrayed Mel and Peggy. The are so much more then two woman chasing storms. The knowledge they hold is amazing i hope in future show they show them as they really are. Two Very intelligent woman who have a huge passion for weather and enjoy sharing it with others. They taught me so much. I look forward to next week to watch you and Cullen and myself of course I hope they don't mess with are days to much because my trip was quite amazing and mother nature allowed me to view her at her best.

Dewdrop said...

Dick, Great summary of the show. I rather enjoyed it. It was great for a laugh. It was something different for sure. I look forward to next week with Bill and Cullen and Jess (you were close). I am still a little anxious about my episode, but we shall see.

Rick said...

I was able to see the datcard part and thought he was a jerk for not helping a fellow chaser. Other than that I wasnt overall empressed as you mentioned, this is the WE network and not NGE. It had its moments but it seemed like a odd mix that didnt go together at times. Looking foward to the January episode for Jenn to make her "nationally televised debut." I am sure Dewdrop made us all proud.

mnwxchaser said...

Just between us the datacard incident was staged to "make tv". There is a lot of that with the co-chasers so be prepared and take what you see with a grain of salt.

Dewdrop said...

They staged the card?!!! How ridiculous. Tell me that was not Diane's idea.

mnwxchaser said...

You have no idea. The world outside of Peggy's suburban was way different than what you saw.

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