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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twister Sisters E3 thoughts

Wow, more creative editing. Is anyone surprised by now?

Pros: The Togstads. What a great family and a great story of their survival after the Hallum/Wilber day.

Cons: Original dropped the ball on what could have been one of the most moving and emotionally driven segments ever involving storm chasers. You have one of the best documentary / reality film crews in the world covering what will easily be one of the biggest impact weather events of the decade and possibly century. It is one of the biggest tornadoes every witnessed and what will become the first EF5 in history. It is a killer tornado. It is a killer tornado at night. You have 3 direct survivors of the Hallum/Wilber F4 re-living their own personal hell in deja vu fashion. Instead they show Eric getting a speeding ticket, a crap editing job of the girls going around the crossing arms at a railroad crossing and to top things off, editing the sound bite of Beau in a green screen to make it appear he was trash talking local LE in how they deal with a severe weather threat.

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They should have had Darin Brunin produce / write this episode. After seeing his work on the SO2007 production regarding Greensburg, he could have come up with something more emotionally driven than what was aired last night.

Bounce , bounce, bounce. I see the ball disappearing over the horizon. I don't know about anyone else who watched it, but I was disappointed. Heck, I'm glad I recorded Tornado Hunters with Lanny Dean and Randy Hicks (The Outlaw Chasers). At least that show was reality with a much better segment on Greensburg than what Original dished up for WE last night.

Rumor has it Peg and Mel may be posting a much more detailed account (and their personal video?) of what happened the night of the Greensburg tornado. Once (if) they have it out, I'll post a link from my blog.


eyestothesky said...

I agree I was expecting a lot more.
I forgot about the other show, will it be back on next Tuesday?
I wonder how Peggy and Melanie feel about the editing of their show.

mnwxchaser said...

I don't think they are surprised. We all know how real "reality" ends up being. Good question though. Maybe email them and ask?

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