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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A gift to myself...and Bill's chaser dead pool is back

OK...now I own it. What am I going to do with it? I was considering using it to post stupid things chasers do with the names replaced with cartoon characters but someone will probably sue me because I made them feel violated. Too damn bad. Get over it. You do something stupid, people are going to call you out especially when you post it where the big bad internet can get a hold of your screw up and exploit the hell out of it. Get one thing straight. I'm not a hater. I am VERY much ANTI IDIOT though. For those of you who what is wrong with the phrase "tornado on the ground", you get the joke...right? Maybe I'll just use it to exploit my own stock footage and stills until I sell the domain for a 1000% markup over the $10 I invested in it. Ideas?

Next subject. At the urging of a couple of other chasers, I was considering bringing the chaser dead pool back to life in light of what we saw transpire on January 7th. As pointed out by one esteemed colleague, inexperienced newbies chasing speed shear storms in a bad topographical area is the recipe for someone ending up AS the news as the body parts are picked out of the trees. Remember what these things can do?

So, if you are interested in joining the dark society of the chaser death pool and pretty much pissing off every CFDG member along the way, please submit a 17 word essay, $5, and pass the hazing ritual which includes having to paraphrase Doswell's most recent chaser ethics rant in less than 20 seconds (in Portuguese) and an act involving chipotle peppers, a hot dog, a rubber chicken, and a latex exam glove. If you can recite 2 SNL Bill Brasky episodes, you are automatically in but still gotta pay the $5.

Bill Brasky

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Douglas Kiesling, The Weather Paparazzi said...

Gee Ya think someone would sue because you call them an Fn DEE DEE DEE. But here is the secret, if they give their video away or get interviewed on TV, they are now a public figure so you can rip on them.

But, with lawyers these days, I give up on the chaser scene and just do my own thing.

Count me in on the dead pool. I know a few people that will try to pull a Timmer and may get killed this year while Reed films it from the safe side of the bears cage. Then he will be even richer... lucky bastard :-)

Bill Braski said...

To Bill Brasky!

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