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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Twister Sisters Episode 4

Very entertaining and a great job with the Greensburg follow up. It's just too bad the guests rotated out with the girls. At first I was thinking having the Togstads with to see what happened would have made good TV but I think they went through enough just seeing the torn the night of May 4th and knowing what happened. The guests who did see the Greensburg seemed to be in awe of the destruction, but the chasers had the stronger emotional reaction (and rightfully so). Hopefully a lot of the viewers last night watched E3 right before the new E4 came on to get the big picture so to speak.

On the fun side of the episode, it was a toss up between the mosquito scene with Dracula sitting on Eric's neck possibly infecting him with the West Nile virus was good, but my favorite was the Allsups-itis attack. Anyone who has ever chased the southern plains (or God forbid lives close enough to one) knows the mystique surrounding the deep fried burritos.


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Question for you guys. Why do people continue to watch the show then bitch about it then watch the show and bitch about it more on line? I don't like cabbage rolls. You don't ever see me eating a cabbage roll, complaining about why I don't like because it is not pure cabbage, then eat another roll just so I can complain again. My theory is Some Attitudes just like to hear their own voices....or in this case read their own posts. I don't get it. I'm from Minnesooooota. What do I know?

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Tony said...

Thanks for the video clip, now I have seen the infamous Alsup's Burrito. Did they show them having to make an emergency bathroom stop an hour later?

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