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Thursday, February 28, 2008

ABC 20/20

Uploaded some video to ABC tonight for some story coming up on 20/20 regarding dispelling tornado myths. No idea when it is going to air but here comes that 70mm-200mm f2.8 lens I wanted (thanks Dave). Once I find out when they are airing the story, I'll let you guys know.

Weather here pretty much sucked today. Doug called and left me a voicemail right before I left work to let me know the south metro roads were really bad and he was out filming accidents. Left the office at 4:30...70 minute commute was not fun. Cullen had shooting practice tonight and came out to FZDZ and a car coated with ice. What ever happened to the old days when Clipper systems brought a quick 1"-3" snowfall then falling temps with high winds? Oh yeah, keep forgetting tomorrow should be March 1st. Speaking of leap year, does tomorrow really exist?


DM said...

LOL at your label. Niiiiice on the lens, I hear it's damn good. I bought that 100-400 and extender....!!!!

Sorry I haven't had time to respond, been a busy week with Project Greensburg. I get about 30 emails a day, and it is time consuming to write back to all....


JakeBlaster said...

Nice Lens!! That photo is jaw dropping as well.

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