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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blue bills are starting to show up and a crazy night in Oklahoma

Well, I guess the severe weather season has kinda started for us as Cullen and I have started betting on targets again. He took Woodward OK and I had Elk City OK for today. On a real chase day either would have worked as initiation targets (but mine was still closer!). Anyhow, after a full day of armchair chasing, heading off to bed with visions of 6"-10" of new snow tomorrow in my head. It's still gonna be a couple of weeks at least before we start seeing our convective potential start to ramp up.

Earlier today, Melinda had to go see a play for one of her college courses so the kids and I hit the photo show in Monticello and took a hike along the Mississippi. Bills are starting to occupy every small open pond so that is a good sign ice out isn't too far off now.

Here are some bluebills and ring necks Cullen spotted on a pond in Wright county.

Dinging around on the banks of the Mississippi River. The ice flows are fun to watch.

My daughter looking for shells on a small rock bar on the Mississippi.

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