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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhh...good old Storm Track

Good to see the wool can't always be pulled over your eyes. Yep, good ol' boy Billy Griffin got called out again. After his BLATANT photo theft in 2005 (yeah Billy, make sure next time some of the photos "your kids stole" don't belong to the wife of a prominent intellectual property / copyright attorney), he is back. A lot of things tell me this guy is as about as slippery of a fish as there is and I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for the beating his character and reputation is taking. In my line of work, I have seen some great jobs of altering legal documents so I am sure constructing an "original sales receipt" by someone with a working knowledge of Photoshop would be a breeze. Heck, his 2005 "mistake" clearly proved he has the ability to falsify things. It would be interesting if Mr Giffin were to have a court subpoena his bank account records as part of an investigation into where all the high end electronics really came from and who really paid for them. If it smells like a dead fish, it is usually a dead fish...

In the mean time, I am more than happy to sit back, pour a glass and watch the fireworks as the wheels come off the train.

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DM said...

Someone showed a friend of mine this:

From: Darlene Noennig (******@gatewayconnections.com)
Sent: Tue 4/29/08 6:39 PM
To: ********
billygriffin.com is on hold because of lack of payment. I do not know when it will be re-instated.

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