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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A bird for the birds

Enough already. That stupid low is still wrapping just enough moisture around it with little instability ripples to kick off snow showers all day.
Current view looking to the north from the top of snob hill.
Big flakes falling again this afternoon.
I feel sorry sorry for these guys. There a hundreds of them around here right now and there is nothing for them to eat.

The famous tree in the front yard is well occupied.

We did see something really cool today. The kids and I ran up to Nick's to drop off that disk he needs for those interviews and were just coming back to 25 by the river in Monticello when Cailyn noticed a hawk flying with a fish in one talon. Suddenly a mature bald eagle dropped down from above and attacked the hawk in mid air. Eventually the hawk dropped the fish into the parking lot of a condo complex which is right next to the river. The eagle circled two or three times then dove straight down and picked up the fish off the ground! The hawk wanted no part of the eagle and just kind of soared overhead as the eagle flew up river with the fish.

So this bird is for you O brave birds who came north expecting the rewards of spring only to find more snow.

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