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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another rainy day

This is getting old. As we approach the middle of May, the nice spring days up here are few and far between. Did mow the yard for the first (at least the front as the ground temp is a little warmer and the grass grows) this season. Was depressing when Eric Whitehill called me a little after noon to let me know he was seeing SNOW mixed in the with rain up at his place. Great...

Cailyn and I did manage to do a point and shoot at a hawk on the way home today. Not too bad as it was lightly raining when I took the shot.

Plan for tomorrow is to mosey up to the Sherburne if the sun comes out. Kids are going with their mom for Mother's Day and Melinda and her kids will be doing their thing too. My mom is opting to come down when the weather is warmer (July at the rate things are going) and hit the Minnesota zoo.

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Eric said...

Yeah, snow sucks.

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