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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marginal hailers today?...McDonalds managers are all stupid and more raptors

The total lack of moisture will probably kill any good storm chances but the steel lapse rates and super dry air above 700mb should be enough to get sometime going. Clear skies this morning are helping the cause. Short day coming up at work then will mosey west in search of raptors...and tcu's.

Minor bitch session about McDonald's. They are running a promo today for a free chicken biscuit with the purchase of a medium or large drink. I usually have a fountain soda every couple of days in place of coffee so I figured I'd stop in a pick one up. I don't really care for the chicken biscuit but what the heck, it's free. Long story short....it starts at 7 am. The clock said 6:48am and I was refused the free sandwich. Being I already ordered my soda, I was told I could wait 12 minutes and order another to get the free sandwich....FOAD MCD's.

OK...the dry air totally won today. Here are some random birds from the trip home.

Red Tail Hawk near Loretto, MN

I pretty much forgot about this eagle nest off CR50 between Rockford and Delano MN.
Note the little fuzzball to the left of the female.

An American Kestrel. Sort of a mini falcon. These guys are fun to watch as they are super fast.

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eyestothesky said...

Totally understand about the McDonald's thing, the video cracked me up! Beautiful Eagal shot, I love it!

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