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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 6th Iowa crap-fest

Total crap storms.

Talk about outflow dominant...darn near froze to death standing outside taking pics and video.

What went wrong: the well advertised vort max on the WRF verified. That coupled with the total lack of a cap set everything off waaaay too early sending that OFB all the way to Ames, IA.

What went right: Cailyn did her first 12 hour chase with dad. For a 5 year old she did great and even took enough pics to fill the card on her cam...some are actually pretty good.

Anyhow, the Story county torn cell was junk. It also was totally outflow dominant with the updraft area undercut. Not a chance for a torn. The only interesting thing was looking south towards Nevada IA from our location south east of Roland. A dry mircoburst hit with enough force to send a pretty fair dirt plume into the air which got caught in the elevated inflow. Not as good as Andy Revering's smokenado from a few years ago, but was still the highlight. I'll try to get the video up sometime as it is kind cool watching the dirt get churned up then watching the dirt outline the outflow. Thank goodness for 3CCD Sony cams as it was DARK.

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eyestothesky said...

Hey Bill, I'm off line till the end of the month but when ever i get a chance i go to the library and and read up on what I have been missing.
You say crap storms I say it still beautiful compared to what we have here in my area. Heat and nothing no storms period. They loose there kick before they get here it hasnt rained in 3 weeks. I truly no the meaning of SSD. Hope all is well with everyone have a great weekend!

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