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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Buffalo MN PRCA rodeo

Running a little behind as it has been a really busy past few days around here between activities, company, chasing, and getting projects around the house done. More pics can be found in my photo album.

Melinda, her dad, step mom, all the kids less Matt (who is still in France for another week) and myself all went to the Buffalo Rodeo on Thursday night. It was a total blast and I can't wait to go to a couple more this year at least.

From a photography point of view, it was really challanging as the light was weird. With the setting sun, everything red wanted to over saturate and anything white or yellow wanted to turn orange.

The other issue was the vapor lights they use at night. To the eye they work to see clearly, but the camera didn't like the faster shutter speeds even at ISO 1600. This was using the f2.8 70-200mm lens. Not a chance of using a teleconveter as the speed at which the action happens was nearly impossible to get at anything over f4.0.

The cowboys and the stock are amazing athletes.

The photo above was a re-ride for a bullrider where I was able to get down close into an area there was no way I could have during the main show. Good example of the issue with the lighting and using a higher ISO. This was 1/100 sec at f2.8.

Same here. Under the lights at f2.8 1/100 sec. Barrel racing is hard to shoot with poor lighting as they are so fast coming around the corners.

The rodeo is Melinda's gig and I am really glad she got me out there. One more thing we can enjoy together!

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