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Friday, June 13, 2008

June 12th MN bow echo and PT Barnum has been reincarnated

A small bow echo raced over central MN last night making for some backyard fun. Melinda, the kids and myself were playing roller hockey in the driveway while keeping an eye on the storms to the west. I really thought they would puke and did not look healthy visually so I kinda blew off keeping tabs on them. Cullen went inside for a minute then came out announcing our local Skywarn net was being activated. WTF??? So I go inside and look at the radar data. Sure enough, these cells with barely enough juice to live had a well defined gust front on the radial velocity scans. Good enough for me. Melinda was really tired but agreed to tag along as Cullen and I headed to Clearwater, MN. We missed the best lightning shots by about 5 minutes as the trailing core caught up to us effectively shutting down getting any shots. Good thing about a line moving 50 mph is it doesn't take long to clear out! Here are a few shots from near Hasty, MN as the storms moved off to the east.

I have been asked my opinion regarding what happened with the severestudios.com chasers on June 11th. This isn't the first time or the last they will have something like this happen. Fame/glory is easy to hide behind the perception of public service. P.T. Barnum summed it up pretty well when he said “Without promotion something terrible happens... Nothing!” I'm not going to lie. Those two have been in my top 5 on my entry for the Chaser Death Pool since 2007. I really thought they were going to win me the whole pot on Wednesday. Maybe next time. I wonder if it bothers them to know I have them picked in the death pool? I hope so.


Donald said...

Dead Pool!! Wow! You should hook up with some of those guys down in Norman who have been wishing for some of these guys to die for 20 plus years now. How high up on your little list is that guy that almost got ran over by the Quinter KS wedge? Could not seem to find your rant about him. I am sure it would have made you just as mad though because he Famed and Gloryed that video all over the place.

mnwxchaser said...

It's been around for years. If you are talking about Kiesling, he was #1 on my list for 3 years and he knows it. No big deal. The idea behind this list isn't to wish death on anybody (as Uncle Chuck did with Timmer). Pretty amazing how quickly Hartman (or Martinson or whoever he legally is) responded when he found out about the list and he was on it. Lets not forget he and Kenny's little mishap out by Mobridge last August 9 2007. I get it he had a mechanical issue that day...which could have killed based on their position. Whatever happened to "what if?". Oh yeah, Kenny BLEW past us on highway 14 between Brunswick and Creighton on June 5th. It will still happen sooner or later, one way or another.

Why does anyone care what I say and think anyhow? I live in Minnesota and not Norman. Remember?

Eric said...

Here's my thoughts.

Darwin, party of two.....Darwin, party of two....

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