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Friday, June 6, 2008

June 5th PDS chase -second verse same as the first

Not a total bust for us. Dave and I headed out to the low near Orchard, NW. Second verse same as the first. Same place as last Thursday, same out come. Just a big shelf with lots of dirt going skyward. Up by Creighton (also the same place we had to head east last week) it did get a little hairy as I wasn't sure how high the winds were. I'll let Dave post his pics as I was a little busy driving. Decided to play the end of the arc of convection as it was moving into a pretty good environment (I think the SPC was thinking the arc would build south and merge with the cells entering southwest Iowa). Got to SUX and grabbed something to eat. Got almost to FSD when the end of the arc went torn. With the cells moving at nearly 60 mph to the northeast, there was no way to make up the time.

Heads up guys...there is a state trooper working I90 who has a thing about "video devices visible to the driver". We were heading home on I90 last night. I had the cruise set at 75 and was heading east. As we came into Worthington, I noticed a trooper sitting in the dark with all his lights off at one of the u turns in the median. No sooner did I get even with him when on came his lights...all of the lights. I knew he was pulling me over (which shocked me as people blow by you all day long on 90 is you are going 75). This guy has an attitude right away as I give him my license. He said "you were going almost 80"...my response was I knew I was going 75 or maybe 76 (and the GPS confirmed it). He barks something about the limit is still 70. OK , I already admitted to going 75. The next thing he goes off about is Dave sitting in the passenger side with the laptop turned toward him (meaning Dave). He made a HUGE deal about no "video devices" can be within the vision of the driver.

Here is the proof (click to make it larger)

One fun pic playing around with Dave's super wide 14mm on the D50 body.

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