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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty storms later today?

Between sealing the cracks in driveway (gotta love Minnesota and the freeze-thaw cycles) and going through almost 300 photos from the Buffalo Rodeo from last night, keeping an eye on a couple of weak waves coming down from the northwest. The wave last night didn't do much as the best cell puked about a county and a half away so no lighting photo ops. Jessica still hasn't gotten to go out and look at a storm with us so maybe today will be the day.

Here is a teaser photo Cullen took at the rodeo last night. Many more will be posted on line soon. Click to enlarge.

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drewsroo said...

Perfect opportunity for a rookie!

If I see you out there I'll wave. Hopefully we get some nice, backlit updrafts with a rainbow here and there. Looking forward to some nice photos.

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