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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This SUX...and a look back in time

Actually we are in SUX Sioux City, IA)for the night. Funny as we checked in and went back outside to get our gear and there stands Tony Laubach with the TWISTEX project...small freakin' world sometimes. Ironically it was a year ago to the day we were working on the Twister Sisters show together.

Anyhow, things still look really good here tomorrow. Should be a big day. Hopefully a lot of the clowns are broke now and the chaser convergence won't be quite as bad.

Earlier, Cullen and I took the scenic route through where my dad grew up and where his parents are buried. I was amazed to see the house was still standing. An older guy who was mowing the lot knew my dad and grandparents....that was cool.

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Tony said...

Everytime I chase in NW Iowa I get the chance to see places that I grew up in. It's part of the fun of traveling in chase territory.

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