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Monday, July 14, 2008

Idiot chaser of the month award goes to...


You guys are going to laugh at this.

Back in 2006, I gave Melanie Metz, Brad Nelson, and Peggy Willenberg a hard time for leaving their VX2000 on pause accidentally therefore missing some of the best of the August 24th Nicollet, MN tornado. I did the same thing...kind of, on July 11th with the Frazee tornado and the PD170.

In my video, you can hear me talking to the deputies telling them it is probably going to touch down and we need to move up the road 4 or 5 miles to see better. Well, I thought I hit the pause button when I took the cam off the tripod and threw it on the seat. Guess what? I have 5 minutes of the passenger side door. When I went to grab the cam off the seat to put it back on the tripod, I hit the button then putting the cam on pause while I shot the stills.

That is what I get for not having Cullen come with to shoot all the video...I'll graciously accept my idiot of the month award now.


Tony said...

It would be nice to have an option to have it beep or flash some huge red light when it's either recording or paused. I've done this before too.

Michael said...

I've done this exact thing. On the Hallam storm, I have about ten minutes of a close-up of my brother's knee. It's very compelling video. lol

That's still a cool-looking tornado you got. I like it when the RFD makes a sharp cut like that and it's nearly occluded. It makes it look like the whole back-side of the storm is a tornado (which I guess basically it is).

mnwxchaser said...

The cam DOES make a beep (which either Cullen or I turned off for some good reason I'm sure) and DOES have a red record light ON THE FRONT (which is useful I guess if you are standing IN FRONT of the cam LOL). Melanie reminded me she FORGOT to turn the cam on back on 8 24 06. Oh well, I guess it is still better than Mike P's brother's knees.

Shane Adams said...

I did the same thing on June 1, 2007, with an amazing hybrid tornado on the nose of a gustfront. Nobody believed me when I didn't come back with the video...not even the NWS.

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