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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wind event tonight and BIOMN V is in the works

Fighting the urge to head west and get on the edge of the bow echo/derecho which should bang western MN pretty good this evening and tonight. Looks like it should skirt the western tier of 3 counties or so. My initial choice would have been to be sitting in Mobridge SD. Tried to talk Dave into going but didn't hear back so looks like I will need to head to Montivideo or Benson and be in place around dark.

It also appears we will be doing a chase highlights video again. Tornado footage is really lacking but we did see some good linear storms and other cool stuff. More on this later as we are putting together a little 3 minute promo video. Same rule applies as other years: WE DO NOT SELL OUR VIDEOS SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK! TRADES ONLY FOR OTHER CHASE VIDEO!! I don't care if it is not from this year or if you have some other chaser's video you are willing part with, let me know


Steve Miller said...

So where can I buy one of your videos?
Sorry man, had to do it.

mnwxchaser said...

HAHAHA...funny. I'll trade you OK guys for a copy of your 2005 Oklahoma Tornadoes video. Oh yeah, there weren't any. Maybe TRADD has some. I'll check with them also.

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