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Friday, August 29, 2008

August 28th and 29th Iridium Flares 2008 Video Trailer

Wow...what ever happened to our second season up here for chasing? Pretty freakin' quiet. So quiet I have tried to shoot iridium flares the past two nights. Here are some shots:

August 28th -8 flare

Crop of the August 28th flare:

August 29th -2 flare in the front yard. A little beeze moved the tree more than I was hoping for.
This is actually from August 12th of some dying storms off to the south east. Moonlight is always fun to mess around with.

Pretty quiet holiday weekend coming up for us as all 4 kids head off to school again on Tuesday. I think Cullen and I will go hit the night drag races over at Grove City tomorrow night though.

For anyone interested, here is the first version of the trailer for our 2008 chase video. Yes, we will still do a vid even though this year pretty much sucked ass for us.

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