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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My no bust streak has come to an end and the upcoming fall season

Well, technically my no bust streak came to an end on Sunday. I knew the storms would fire at or just after sunset so Cullen and I went down to New Ulm, MN and waited for the sun to go down. Chatted with Rich Gudmunsen and Dean Baron in the BK parking lot as they suffered a mild sunburn while waiting out to the west to see if the cap would break. Headed north at sunset as the first towers started to pop. John Wetter stopped by for a visit on some gravel road near the McLeod county line we were watching the towers form and collapse time after time. Saw a really nice cell go up just to our southeast but there was too much low level crud to make it worth going after for a lightning shoot so we packed it in. I was shocked when a red box went up from 10:30pm until 6am.

So, the days are quickly getting shorter as I noticed last night on the way home. With each northwest wind now, the smoke from the Canadian forest fires turns the sunset a brilliant red, the young waterfowl are flying and my interest in the fall raptor migration and aurora season is starting to stir. There will be chase days yet this season without a doubt, but the change is just around the corner.

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