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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pics from the weekend...and it almost rained snakes

Getting really antsy to head north next weekend. Winds don't look all that favorable for seeing a lot of birds but it will be fun camping regardless.

Started out Friday with a little drive into western Stearns county as some little showers tried to develop south of the bigger storms to the north. I thought the fall colors with the dark clouds would be fun to shoot. No luck. We did stop to check on one of the eagle nests on the way back and got to see the female flying in with what appeared to be a rather large stick...until she flew right over the top of us! It was a LARGE SNAKE!!! Thankfully she didn't drop it on us and flew to the nest to enjoy dinner as the male joined her. Never did see the baby.

On Saturday took the kids on a little hike in northern Sherburne county where we got to watch another pair of eagles and a large broad winjoyged hawk towards evening. Cullen spotted a lone eagle sitting in a dead tree with a nest and took what I think is the best shot of the fall season so far. Enjoy!

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