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Monday, October 6, 2008

First fall / winter camping trip of the season

Ventured into the edge of the far northern MN wilderness this past weekend. I love the fire roads in the Superior National Forest to get away from people. Well, almost. I cannot freakin' believe how hard it is to get off the beaten path now. Even 10 miles back from a "road" we had grouse hunters and even some moron in a Prius in the middle of BFE on FR332. Good luck with some of the washouts buddy.

Anyhow, the silence was deafening and we enjoyed ever second of it. Only the owls and a screaming lynx disrupted the night for the most part.

Cutting east back to highway 61 to come home was a whole different story. It was as crowded as a metro highway during rush hour in spots. I think people are loosing their perspective of what the "outdoors" is. Growing up in the woods where hunting/fishing/survival/wildlife just came as part of life, I find it appalling we are slipping into the notion where B and B's, wifi hot spots, and a selection of restaurants is required to enjoy being outside of our "world". Bull****. More examples of how people in this country are getting soft and lazy.

So, if you see us scanning the horizon with a pair or binoculars or gathering firewood from a cut over, don't be offended if we don't seem too friendly. It's not personal. We are just here for the solitude and not the company.


Lanny said...

Great pics....love the sunset/lake pics.
Hope all is well.

Shirley said...

Love those pictures from your camping trip!!

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