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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Massive raptor migration push and the first arctic blast

Wow...what a difference 24 hours can make this time of year as the battle of the seasons heats up. Yesterday I had to run into the office for a bit so I took Cailyn with so she could see her great grandma for a bit. On the way home there were raptors EVERYWHERE and all moving south. These were all mature birds as the juveniles may have pretty much passed through already. The arctic cold front plowing it's was out of Canada was giving the birds the boot for real this time.

Talked to my mom a little bit ago up in Fergus and she was in the middle of a snow squall with winds gusting over 50 mph. If I get motivated this morning, I may take a drive north and west to see if we can get some images of winter reminding us the time is near. Oh well, one day closer to the first chase day next spring.

Speaking of chasing, I uploaded my files to the Storms of 2008 FTP site last night. I'm comfortable with the June 7th chapter. I wish the background/ambient sound was better but I'm sure Melissa will come up with some high energy background music as you watch the Will county tornado chew up northeastern Illinois. More later as I find out what the production schedule is going to be.

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I'm up for a trade! I'll add you to my list! :o) Thanks!!!

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