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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moon vs Jupiter vs Venus

Really frustrating as I couldn't get the shot I was looking for. Seems it was a trade off of either blowing the moon out and getting the reflection in the ice or not blowing out the moon and getting next to nothing on the ice. Settled in on this shot which was 5s @f3.2 70mm ISO 400.


Dirk S. Miller said...

I know all about the blown out moon thing...I would have loved to some some non snow coevered lake though..Nevertheles still you got a good picture Bill..

Paul said...

Congrats! I stepped out last night and failed miserably due to wind, cold and just not feeling it. Thanks again for your help with the Harrier. p

Christine said...

It may not be the exact shot you wanted, but... awesome capture of earthshine! :)

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