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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fatal??? accident on I94 @ Rogers MN 1 30 09

No details yet as I couldn't get into a position to shoot video as the crash was directly under the highway 101 overpass on I-94. The eastbound lanes were closed creating a MAJOR backup well west of St. Michael. The life flight chopper landed in the eastbound lane east of the bridge but I wasn't able to get any shots as I was still jockeying to get a shot of the crash. Roof was obviously removed via the jaws. Had to opt for stills from the north side. More details as I find them out.


a said...

The driver of the car was airlifted and the woman and 2 children (UNBUCKLED) were taken to the hospital. It is a miracle they were not all killed.

Jamie said...

The children that were involved in this accident are home and pretty much walked away unharmed from this horrific accident.. To clear the matter up, the baby in the accident was in a proper child restraint chair.. The woman that was involved was also wearing her seatbelt, is doing okay and is going from home caring for their children and here at the hospital supporting her significant other.. My nephew, whom was the driver of the vehicle is still at the hospital fighting for his life.. He is still in a coma and on life support suffering from a severe brain injury.. He is surrounded by all of his family and friends around the clock.. We are hopeful for his recovery.. He is a very strong young man and a great father.. He would be greatful that his children are unharmed and that they are not in his position.. Thanks to all the people that are praying for my nephews long road to his recovery.

mnwxchaser said...

Thanks Jamie for taking the time to respond. I know this is a difficult time for you and your family. Your family have the prayers of mine.

I have covered quite a few accidents as a stringer and quite honestly I am very surprised no one was killed in this accident.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to follow up on the I94 Rogers story
that you place 1 year ago.After struggling in a coma for a year the driver passed away 1/4/2010
RIP young man. Your children will miss you

mnwxchaser said...

This saddens me to hear this news. I had hoped no news was good news. My condolences to the family (and especially the children).


Mesa Truck Accident said...

What a relief that they all survived the accident. The images look really serious. I hope they are better now.

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