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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baaaaah...snow again

No idea how much total fell today as the drifting is really bad as the winds shifted to the north. Originally was going out to shoot some video today but got lazy and decided to stay at work until 4:30 as the first round of precip pulled away and one last band was just pushing into the county where I live. I'm guessing somewhere between 5"-7" but the mongo drift on the west side of the garage is forming as I type this as the winds are turning N-NW. The drift is about 3' now and I'm betting on 5'-6' by morning. Had to shovel out the garage door to make sure it opened and closed ok and to get the truck in. The only fun thing (which I'll post later) I did do was run the dash cam in the truck all the way home ala a Dann Cianca commute video. Basically it will be my crappy hour drive home in this crud condensed into about 45 seconds. Beam me up Scotty...

PS...I looked closely as this guy came barrelling past. Yup, he had horns on his head.

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