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Friday, March 20, 2009

Monday's chase potential and some old pics

Still not sold on the moisture for Monday. We'll see. If this system was on the 23rd of April and not the 23rd of March. For the KS/NE/CO crew, have at it. A 10 hour drive on a potentially moisture starved dryline isn't all that appealing right now. HOWEVER, there are still a couple of days to see how the moisture transport northward develops.

In the mean time, heading up to Fargo, ND on Saturday to help Eric and Carie Whitehill move some stuff out of the lower levels of their house as it looks like the Red/Cheyenne Rivers are going to really hammer the valley again. I remember vividly how bad 1997 was as I still lived up there. You have no idea what catastrophic flooding is until you have seen it first hand. News/video does nothing. So, I'll try to make a couple of bucks to pay for gas by stringing a little video of which I'll post at some point. Have a very busy week coming up and next weekend is the Grand Rapids / Ely trip to check out the timberwolves.

Anyhow, here are some old pics from 2004 I played around with on Lightroom to see if I could repair a little. The SDS is killing me...

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