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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pulling the plug on Monday and a lazy Sunday afternoon

Pulling the plug on chasing Monday. There is no doubt it will be a good chase day but I HATE chasing rocket fast storms on early systems. It's only March and there will be good chase days later in the season with slower moving storms. I for one really like north central Nebraska for the sure thing...I think I'll go with Bassett, NE as the arc of storms move north. Down south in KS is where the real show will be. My target would be Burlington, KS. Ahhh, can't wait to see more snow up in Ely, MN next weekend.

After yesterday's loop to Fargo and back, today was for a little R&R. Met Melinda for lunch then went to check on 4 families of eagles to see what the scoop was on the nesting. Only 2 nests appear to be occupied which was a little concerning as they should be nesting by now. More interesting was watching 4 juvenile eagles doing their thing near Silver Creek, MN. I wish the light would have been better but it was still fun to watch.

This youngster really wanted the fish someone had dropped.

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