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Monday, March 16, 2009

So what happened to the Twister Sisters?

So, what happened to the Twister Sisters? Seems like this question has been popping up a lot of late as they layed pretty low in 2008 after their reality tv show production in 2007. Bottom line is I don't know. There are emails which go back and forth from time to time on non weather related topics, but for the most part nothing chase related...but our season up here is yet to begin so who knows. I will tell you this, both did chase locally last year. Both are busy with their families, work, and other commitments so my advice would be to email them directly through their website at www.twistersisters.com

OK, now onto the subject of Mikey Gribble and ST. Mikey is a hell of a good chaser and damn successful. Why he chose to name the Twister Sisters in the thread concerning what insurance requirements are needed by a tour company is beyond me. Note to everyone. Peg and Mel let the www.stormtours.com domain expire a few years ago as they really were considering dropping the tour gig all together. Brian Barnes picked it up for his business and more power to him. The Sisters have since been referring their leads over to Dean Cosgrove (who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet) at www.windsweptchasetours.com After the TS series ran, OBVIOUSLY they had a ton of inquires about doing tour again for real but they opted not to (a personal decison which should be respected).

We would all love to make a living at taking people out to the prairies to witness what we get to see on a regular basis. Some have been successful at it. Some have not. Seems to me no one every likes seeing mud slinging during political election times so why is it being brought up by one tour operator going after another? I don't see it as being a competition for clients since the business models don't see to target the same demographic. Ton of difference between day tours and 7 days plus. So I'm not sure what the latest hoopla is all about. It would be easy to read into the latest round of chaser drama and call it a personal agenda, but I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt it is nothing more that the usual colleauge bitch sessions which flare up from time to time.

That being said, I hope eveyone sells out every seat for their tours, everyone gets paid $75 per second for video sales, and the state of Nebraska builds a new 1 mile square road grid (paved of course) in the sandhills to stimulate the economy.


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Steve Miller said...

Bill, I'll tell ya man, if the TS had any taste of what it's like to compete with other chasers for money (and I'm sure they did), they probably flipped off the community as a whole and turned on their heel. I can't say I blame them considering the wringer other chasers will put you through upon any threat of competition.
I have seen some dark times in chasing but with the amount of people starting new businesses centered around chasing (myself included), someone is going to explode.
I'm anxious to see how the Gribble-factor affects the plans of those considering chase tours. People have to realize the tremendous liability they are exposing themselves to. If you notice though, it's only the noobs who are thinking it's such a great idea. They'll learn quickly.
BTW, Dan Robinson has a great blog on this subject.

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