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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worst blizzard of the winter...

Um yeah, "worst" as in "most boring". Models actually handled the system pretty well as the NAM-ETA based products pretty much nailed the heavy snow band from between Fargo and Grand Forks up to Baudette and points east. We may have eeked out 3" here thanks to some type of vorticity lobe which rotated around the main low and set off a band of moderate to heavy snow late this afternoon and evening. Otherwise, it pretty much sucked. I need a TCu fix...the SDS is really bad.

Here are some pics from tonight on the way home.

And what do all real Minnesotans do when you are in a winter storm warning which doesn't pan out?
You break out the grill.

Back into the 40's for the weekend people! See some of you at the West Metro / Sherburne / Wright county EM class on Saturday in Elk River.


Midwestchaser said...

lol, I was almost expecting to hear about some sort of chase on that line of snow that came through and a couple pics of some kind of morphed shelf cloud. I think if I hadn't been at work I would've seriously considered chasing the line...

Douglas Kiesling, The Weather Paparazzi said...

No way, I did the grill thing tonight. It sucked cooking burgers outside in the -2F temps.

The chase up at Fergus was a blast. I found some sweet back roads to go and get some wicked winter shots where the wind was screaming over the open fields.

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