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Friday, May 29, 2009

More thoughts on Sunday and Memorial Day Photos

I still don't think Sunday is going to amount to much. It's a trade off between UA support and instability / moisture. Some meager instability and modest moisture in southern MN with NO wind support at H5. Western MN has the better winds but little instability. So, I think the thing to do is try to split the difference to at least score a linear outflow dominant storm early Sunday afternoon. 48 hours out and I'll throw out the area within 40 miles of Granite Falls, MN as what I consider interesting. It's 2009 and I'm the drunk guy closing down the bar. I'll take what I can get.

Here are some shots from Monday at the Snelling National Cemetary. One shot is particular really caught me when I got done processing it. This one:


It's no secret I am just DISGUSTED with a lot of what I see in our country today. This soldiers grave with the US and Norweigian flags represents a time when people came to this country to make it a better place. Not come here expecting everything to be handed out so you can piss and moan about how it doesn't meet your expectations. Don't like it? Get the F out. We don't prohibit anyone from leaving who is legally able to do so. To this Norweigian (and all the others) who served the United States, thank you for all you did. Too bad there are 100's of thousands who can't learn from your example and continue to take the narccacistic ass clown view on what their world needs to be.



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