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Friday, June 19, 2009

June 18th Minnesota Supercells

After a major bust yesterday due to stupidity on my part, I wasn't going to make the same mistakes two days in a row. I didn't like the capping and subsidence in the mod risk so opted to head north to the edge of the cap and some untainted air.


Douglas/Stearns/Benton/Mille Lacs counties long tracked supercell. Torn and severe warned. RFD never cut in hard enough. Note curl on the left side which never made it in to occlude the wall cloud.


HP supecell in Stearns county which formed as tail end Charlie off the linear stuff to the north. I hear it gave Doug Kiesling a good hail wash.


Striated HP mothership over Cold Spring, MN in Stearns county. Can tell the spotters up here don't see stuff like this often as they kept thinking it was part of the bow to the north because of the striations....um, no. This would be a supercell.


Just having some fun at the end of the night near Hasty, MN.

I have a ton of photos and video to process from today. I'll post an update once I have a webpage done.


Dann Cianca said...

Yay! 'at a boy!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were "done" lol. I know at least 3 people now that were done after the 17th that chased on the 18th. Gotta love chasing. It usually sucks that we can't be "done" and go out again for more missery. At least that didn't happen to you yesterday. I didn't like the capping in IA yesterday either, but that's mostly post-chase feelings after sitting under the crap/cap.

Anyway, that car shot is killer. Going to ND next week? I hate end of season "better chase now" feelings. They are just like the early season "better chase now" feelings.

Midwestchaser said...

Nice pics Bill! Looks like we both got something out of the last couple of days. Those sups had nice structure on radar even after they dropped the warnings. Looks like we could have an active week next week. The season is FINALLY starting to pick up for us. But atleast we should have the storms all to ourselves now.

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