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Monday, June 29, 2009

More unauthorized image usage....by V2!!!!!


If anyone was wondering why I was looking for Paul Huttner's email address this is it. Wow, one would think a professional broadcast meteorologist would be a little more careful on a subject such as this.

A word to Mr. Huttner. You aren't dealing with some backyard weather yahoo looking to see his name on tv here. Maybe you should go looking for free content somewhere else from now on. I gave those images to MPR for a one time use as a favor to NICK ELMS....not you or MPR. Next time ask before you just assume you can reproduce a copyrighted image without a usage license agreement in place first. It's the polite thing to do as well as the legal. Also, look up the definition of intellectual property and exactly what it covers. It's a big word but I'm sure it will fit into your vocabulary just fine. I'll man up and not pursue this in court...this time (although it is very tempting and would be a no brainer settlement case). Yes, this is a warning to you as well as the other commercial entities who lifted the image after it appeared on the V2 website.

On the V2 side, I already received an apology from Josh Wurman after their webmaster forwarded an email I sent inquiring as to how they obtained the image. I already knew as the image has a hidden watermark unique to the MPR project in case something like this happened. My momma didn't raise no fool. Josh isn't the one who needed to apologize though as he didn't steal the image. Huttner did. Out of respect for Josh stepping up when he didn't need to, I agreed to let them use a copyrighted version of the image for their website.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Unbelievable! Just goes to show that when you have amazing, exceptional photos they aren't safe anywhere, which is really sad. I embed digital watermarks, as well as visible, on all of my photos, just to be sure.

Midwestchaser said...

Wow, sorry to see all this going on, Bill. Atleast you got part of it figured out, hopefully the rest wont be a bitch to get resolved. Good luck and hopefully it wont take long!

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