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Sunday, October 18, 2009

One of those days...

So, the audio file on the 2009 video is giving me heartburn as it won't render correctly. I get up this morning to head out to a wildlife area and 1) a headlight is burned out on the truck 2) Walmart's stupid electronic parts index has he high and low beams reversed for the item number 3) the bulb which burned out exploded in the headlight casing (halogen) 4) I knocked everything on the top shelf in the garage into an oil drain pan getting my bike down 5) broke the water bottle holder on my bike putting it into the truck 6) I lost one of the feet to my Bogen tripod in the weeds.

The shows on tonight better not suck as I am in no mood...

Here are the best shots from the weekend.


Cullen spotted this buck while Melinda and I were looking the other way!


Someone is pissy about sharing their tree.


Young eagle fishing while the swans look on.


Lots of mallards moving through on the migration right now.


Playing with lighting effects in Photoshop just for fun.

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