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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 10 2010 beautiful tornadic HP supercell in Pope county Minnesota

First off....the #$!@&%% locals need to stay off the roads if they are not a spotter. Make sure you watch the video. Idiots...


This ended up being a really fun chase....FULL CHASE ACCOUNT HERE.

That Glacial Ridge area of MN really produces some pretty storms and this was one of them. We had a very distant view of the tornado Brad Winger caught but the best part of this storm was the structure without a doubt! Also thanks to Eric Whitehill for the updates and my mom, Pat Doms, for chasing the Otterail county cells since we couldn't make it up there in time!

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Ben_Jacobi said...

Other than the locals, sounds like you had a good chase. Nice photographs and I really like the timelapse.


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