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Monday, October 18, 2010

Severe Studios?? Who??


Having a little fun at John Wetter's expense at the NWS-MPX office for their annual Scout Day.


John awaits the mass of kids.


Any chance we can get to talk to the public about chasers and what we really do to offset the sensationalistic image portrayed by the recent hype created by the TV shows is time well spent. Before anyone starts sending me hate mail, keep in mind I string for TVN (see shirt in the first photo LOL) and have been part of a reality show based on chasers. I get it...both sides. Bottom line is Reed, Sean, et al have become the stereotype and not necessarily the norm. Just sayin'.


Crowd shot. The kids (and adults) had lots of good questions...everything from our opinions on climate change, to why there were so many tornadoes in Minnesota this year, to why their iPhone won't work in the parking lot (they noticed John uses Sprint and I use Verizon). Most everyone we chatted with had a severe weather story from this year. It's always fun to hear the excitement in the kids' voices as they recall their showdown with Mother Nature.


Overall it was a great day and I want to publicly thank John, Todd Krause, and Michelle Margraf for allowing us to be part of this day and am looking forward to next year. Also thanks to Melinda for being the photographer!

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