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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hanging on to Winter

Well, it appears the slow process of getting rid of a snow pack over 20" and over 36" of ice on our lakes has begun. In the mean time, our critters are hanging on after surviving the coldest winter in 30 years.

Here are a bunch of random shots from around home and a trip last weekend down to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha.

 photo DSC_0141.jpg

The last known photo of Beardo 2014. My mom made her first trip to the Eagle Center with us. What a beautiful day.

 photo DSC_0109.jpg

Even with all the wild eagles we have come through at our house, my daughter still likes having her photo taken with a "famous" eagle.

 photo _D3C0294.jpg

An eagle getting a drink in the Mississippi River at Reads Landing.

 photo _D3C0310.jpg

Eagle on the ice at Lake Pepin.

 photo _D3C0301.jpg

Zoom of the same eagle above @ 500mm.

 photo _D3C0313.jpg

Eagle at Coville Park in Red Wing on the way home.

 photo _D3C0318.jpg

Blue's parents. A couple of my neighborhood eagles. The reason they are called "Blue's Parents" is because a couple of years ago I had to rescue one of their eaglets who came into contact with an electrical line. While she went through rehab at the U of MN's The Raptor Centet, she was given a blue band to identify her hence the name "Blue".

 photo _D3C0346.jpg

Turkeys. A lot of turkeys. A lot of turkeys in a yard.

 photo _D3C0339.jpg

Deer everywhere the evening of the 12th.

 photo _D3C0366.jpg

 photo _D3C0360.jpg

 photo _D3C0349.jpg

Eagle over Silver Creek.

 photo _D3C0368.jpg

At least they can read signs an know where to cross. It was cool how everyone on the road came to a stop and let the deer safely cross at their own pace.

 photo _D3C0372.jpg

Slow shutter speed. It was pretty dark out and I hate cranking up the ISO on the camera.

 photo _D3C0376.jpg

Last of the jumping the deer.

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