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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shots from the weekend....is the 2014 chase season dead already?

No, it isn't dead. A whole lot of whining going on within the subculture this year. Thankfully there are other things to keep me occupied. Another great thing about living up north is our season still has 3 1/2 months to go. Lots of opportunities coming yet.

So, in the mean time back to eagles and such. My daughter was eager to get out and shoot on Sunday morning. I didn't need any convincing as this weekend was hands down the best in terms of nice weather we have have yet this spring. Simply perfect.

 photo DSC_0007.jpg

Our morning started out with a small control burn about a mile from home. I love to watch the restored prairie areas spring back to life after a burn. Fire is a necessity to make it flourish and flourish it does!

 photo _D3C1160.jpg

 photo _D3C1159.jpg

 photo DSC_0012.jpg

I made Cailyn stay by the car but she did get a shot showing the massive smoke plume from the fire.

 photo _D3C1177.jpg

We then went on nest patrol to check on the eaglets. This spring was pretty brutal with about 1 out 3 nests losing their babies to exposure with a litle snow, extended below normal temps and a lot of cold rain. The two in this nest look healthy though! The female with a couple of eaglets.

 photo _D3C1168.jpg

The male looking on. Right after this shot he took to the air and climbed to an altitude which would carry him towards Pelican Lake in search of fish for the family.

 photo _D3C1200.jpg

The Constance eagles. Who knows with this pair. I assume they hatched something this year but they have the worst luck with something else happening. Hopefully this is the year.

 photo _D3C1202.jpg

The silhouette of a female eagle near Silver Creek this morning. This pair is a slam dunk on having two eaglets survive.

 photo DSC_0035.jpg

We also checked 3 osprey nests. Two previously occupied nests are empty this year but a new platform northwest of our house has residents. I know of two other osprey nests to the west which also have birds so it should be a good year for these guys.

 photo DSC_0042.jpg

Lucky for them they follow the ice line which migrating north as they only eat fish. It saved them from the cold, wet spring the eagles suffered.

On the weather front not much going on. Looks like there could be a decent upslope play this week off the front range of the Rockies. Our plan is to wait on June to chase and enjoy the North Shore of Superior for the holiday weekend again.

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