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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shots from the weekend...the 2014 dead zone continues.

4 chases this year. Well, three for real and one Jonesing for some structure. Unbelievably frustrating and not a whole lot of hope of the horizon.

Friday evening we had some storms blow up over home which dropped more heavy rain...in spots.

View to the east as the storm heads towards the Minneapolis metro area.

Saturday night we made a DQ run while looking for whitetail fawns. No spotted babies yet but the bucks are starting to grow antlers. How is this for some funky golden hour lighting?

Sunset near Clear Lake, MN.

Late Saturday night there were auroras but I missed both of the times they spiked up. Sigh...just another star trail as a consolation prize. Taken over Ida Lake near our home.

Sunday morning start out with the fly in breakfast in Buffalo...

...and finished with the car show. Yeah, I am really biased. I did have to get a shot of the Shelby for one of my high school buddies who makes a living restoring those things.

With another day of no chase-worthy storms within 6 hours, it was a good time to check on some of the local osprey nests. I don't think anyone has hatched yet but lots of other action going on.

Fish...it's whats for dinner. Again. Always.

This guy didn't want to share so he took his catch into the corn field to eat. Pretty sad all the planting isn't done around here. Too wet!

Interesting chain of events as I have never seen a territorial squabble between osprey this late in the season.

The bird on the pole (male assuming as the female was on nest about 75 yards behind me) and the aggressor is in flight.

These two chased each other around for over half an hour and were still going at it when I left.

I had hope of chasing South Dakota on Tuesday but that option keeps dying with each model run so I will sit here and wait, and wait, and wait.

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