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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18 2014 Eastern Minnesota Storms

I haven't been neglect the blog, there just hasn't been anything worth shooting to post since July 7th! And I thought last year sucked. I've been Jonesing for anything with lightning at least since then and FINALLY last night there was an opportunity.


We had a school function last evening. I knew there were storms to the west/northwest but wasn't very interested until I walked outside to this. Not bad considering. I figured "why not" and followed it over to near Oak Grove, MN in Anoka county with Melinda.

It was far from great, but after such a long dry spell, I was ready to see some lightning!

It's hard to go wrong with storms and stars.

I have about 300 still to make a time lapse out of at some point from this night as well. Will post here once I have it done!

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