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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shots from the weekend. Stunning sunrises and some big Minnesota bucks!

Here we go folks...the last of the open water, snowless ground days. The Euro and GFS are both pointing towards a significant cool down for us beginning the end of this coming week and continuing into the foreseeable future.

Saturday November 1st. Got up early and noticed a cloud deck moving in from the west heading east with that awesome narrow clear area between the horizon and the clouds. This is always a landscape photographer's dream and the sun will light up the clouds just before sunrise and will create breathtaking color hues and contrast. Out the door and headed to one of the lakes near our house which has very little development for a clean shoreline. Mother nature sure didn't disappoint. While heading back to the vehicle, thousands of blackbirds took flight at once on their southward migration. They were everywhere! I never tire of seeing this passage each fall.

Sunday the first didn't have the awesome cloud deck to work with but some high cirrus clouds worked out well. I went to another part of the lake I visited on Saturday to set up on a hill overlooking the northwest quarter of the lake. It was fun watching the duck hunters tend their blocks and the anxious labs waiting for some action. I truly miss waterfowl hunting. Unfortunately good spots only go to the highest bidder and public area are abused in this area. It's sad my/our kids won't have a lot of the same experiences as I/we did growing up in the fields and woods.

Sunday afternoon the kids and I (note my daughter hugs trees but is not a tree hugger lol) went on a hike in the river bottom to see if the whitetails had started to rut yet. We were able to find some bucks at long range. These images are all heavily cropped. Not a whole lot of rut behavior going on yet. Give it another 7-10 days I would say.

With the time change now, the options of late afternoon shooting will be over soon with darkness at 5pm. Sunset ops with be cut back but the sunrise will swing into play. Hopefully in the next week or so I can make a couple of more runs at the deer before the hunters get their time in woods! Good luck to all!

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