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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shots from the weekend: 40 degree temps in December? & Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge

Well, I mentioned on last Sunday's entry it looked like we were going to lose our snowpack and we did. Now we have A LOT of water on the ice, mud, and hardly any snow. The only snow left is where it drifted in the trees or into deep ditches. Back to square one.

With the crappy conditions I wasn't very motivated to look for critters. The snow makes it much easier to see the animals or at least find tracks to know where to start looking. 0-2 with the brown ground now.

Foggy, dark, and dreary for sure but the swans didn't seem to mind. Sometimes in conditions like this, black and white photography works, so...

I got antsy to at least get out of the house. There was no real fall migration to speak of in western Minnesota and I totally missed the spring flight so I figured it was a good time to run over to the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge near Odessa and see what was going on.

The correct answer here would be "not much". I saw one red tail hawk and a tundra swan destined to be coyote food as it didn't appear to be able to fly and was a long ways out on the ice. There were a lot of muddy furbearer tracks though. With the fog getting worse by the minute, I didn't hang around too long. I was hoping to stay until dark when the critter would be out but it just wasn't in the cards. The highlight of the day was seeing golfers out on a course near Winsted in the morning.

Ever wonder what the Yellow Bank River looks like in B&W? Here you go.

Looks like some freezing rain changing over to maybe 3" of new snow tomorrow. At least it will cover up the brown a little. I really want to start heading north into my more traditional areas but I need some help from mother nature as the snowpack (or lack of) is just a dismal at the time.

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